CHOQUENET mechanical drives

CHOQUENET mechanical drives
float glass

CHOQUENET has more than 60 years experience in the field of lehr mechanical drives.

The company has been copied many times, but never equalled. The mechanical drive of the cooling tunnel allows the glass ribbon to be removed from the tin float bath via the LORs, which lift the glass sheet and transfer it to the annealing lehr.

Standards specifications

2 motors, one master and one slave
One shaft line
Possibility of gear boxes
Suspended and laid rollers

Tailor-made solutions

In cases where specifications are more demanding, TERMECA CHOQUENET offers tailor-made solutions that provide enhanced conveying control, while avoiding the glass being marked by the rollers.

TERMECA CHOQUENET supplies standard flat glass mechanical drive systems, and is also a partner to the ultra-thin glass industry with a wide range of references.