Performance analysis/Audit

Performance analysis/Audit
Performance / Audit

TERMECA CHOQUENET performs mechanical and thermal audits of equipment to increase production line productivity, reliability and improve safety standards.

Problems with the cooling system, mechanical equipment or temperature disturbances can lead to a severe decrease in production. With its cooling curve software, TERMECA CHOQUENET performs an audit of the cooling tunnel and delivers a complete and independent performance report. TERMECA CHOQUENET’s mechanical experts provide recommendations and advice on how to improve the performance of the glass ribbon conveyor or float bath accessories.

TERMECA CHOQUENET conducts functional analyses. With its mastery of thermo-mechanical processes, automation and artificial intelligence technologies, TERMECA CHOQUENET fully supports its customers in the optimisation and automation of their production lines, whether for float glass or patterned glass. TERMECA CHOQUENET is always ready to listen to its customers, whatever the problem.


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