TERMECA CHOQUENET is assisting AGC in the integration of an ultra-thin glass production line into a flat glass production plant.

AGC has a flat glass production facility in Belgium. The management wanted to repair the line and integrate the production of ultra-thin glass. They asked TERMECA CHOQUENET Engineering to carry out a specific study of the float bath coolers. This had to accommodate, not only the size of the building, but also the constraints associated with the production of the new product.

“We kicked off the project with an initial meeting with the client, who explained all the project specifications to us,” explained Frederic Desille, Managing Director at TERMECA CHOQUENET. Then the Project Engineer and the Technical Director organised a first meeting on site with the production department. “On the basis of the technical visit and the various measurements, we designed a customised solution developed using our 3D software,” added Jean-Michel Dever, Technical Director at TERMECA CHOQUENET. The team then presented the project, which was validated by the customer. Detailed 2D drawings of the new equipment are then prepared and sent to production for made to measure manufacture under the supervision of the project engineer. After acceptance by the customer, TERMECA CHOQUENET supervised the assembly and installation of the new cooling solution. “The real challenge of this assignment was to account for the size of the building. We had to be very creative to find the best cooling/sizing compromise for the coolers,” concludes the CEO.