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TERMECA CHOQUENET, a team of specialist experts

The experienced experts working in TERMECA CHOQUENET’s engineering department, all have state-of-the-art knowledge of the latest technologies in thermal and mechanical fields.

TERMECA CHOQUENET’s design department is made up of a team of highly qualified civil and industrial engineers who are also project managers. The company takes care of the design, manufacture and integration of new product lines of any type of equipment, as well as the repair, replacement of parts and optimisation of existing production lines anywhere in the world.

Our work is based on two principles; software and mechanical development,” explains Jean-Michel Dever – Technical Director. “TECHMECA CHOQUENET begins by developing the thermal calculation and sizing programmes for an annealing lehr, in collaboration with universities and research centres.” The engineering department uses mathematical models linked to AI technologies with the aim of optimising production performance. Then comes the mechanical part, which is also managed by the engineering department. This starts with technical drawings of all the manufactured machines, both for the tin bath and for the annealing lehr. “We offer a full range of equipment and services related to forming, cooling and conveying on all float or printed glass production lines,” says Damien Chanal – Project Manager. “We have a number of partner workshops we can call on around the world, depending on the location of the future site. This means we can supervise the manufacture of equipment and its eventual assembly on site.”


The responsibilities of the engineering division, however, do not stop there. “We also provide maintenance and monitor specific repairs or improvements to existing lines”, adds the Technical Director. “We develop customised optimisation solutions”. The purchase of manufactured parts for the installation of new production lines also needs to be managed, as well as all aspects of transport, whether it is from the parts supplier to the manufacturing plant or directly to the site where the annealing lehr is to be fitted. “The different tasks we take care of cover a wide range of areas and are very varied”, concludes the project manager. “This demonstrates how versatile we all are.